Auto Scrubber CB-201D(Battery Operated)....
    ※Model CB201 is powered by BLDC motor, which is high efficiency, energy conservation, economical, maintenance-free, and long working life.
    ※One touch micro-computer control panel, which is easy and quick to operate.
    ※Battery indication with low battery protection.
    ※Vacuum motor auto stop for recovery tank water level warning and protection.
    ※With high cleaning efficiency. Brushing >Cleaning > Drying are completed in one pass.
    ※Parabolic, no hassle squeegee system with optimum blade angle for maximum solution recovery during scrubbing.
    ※Easily cleanable, sanitary, polyethylene solution and recovery tanks.
    ※Scrub in noise sensitive environments at 68 dBA sound level.
    The Fellow BLDC motors for the Vacuum fan & Brush drive, which is high efficiency, energy conservation, economical, maintenance- free, and long working life.
    Advanced panel design and micro-computer control, which is easy and stable to operate.
    Nylon brush and floor pad can be replaced easily.
    Type:CB - 201D
    Power:Battery Operated
    Area Performance:2290m²/h
    Run Time:3hrs
    Scrubbing Path:510mm
    Squeegee Width  :760mm
    Batteries:DC(直流) 24V / 12V/100AH X 2PC
    Brush Speed:220RPM
    Brush Motor:DC 24V/800W
    Traction Motor:DC 24V/500W
    Traction Speed:0~4.5km/hr
    Number of Brushes:20 inchx 1PCs
    Brush Pressure:29kgs
    Solution Tank:42L
    Recovery Tank:51L
    Chargers:DC 24V/10A Automatic
    Dimensions:L:1150mm x W:480mm x H:985mm
    Weight:81 公斤
    Weight (with batteries):133 公斤