Vacuum Sweeper 36-G (Petrol Engine)


    Cleaning main brush just loose up three screws, which can reduce malfunction.
    With the side brush, corner can be clean swept.
    The lightweight and durable FRP hopper is easy to remove for manual discharge operations.
    The filter is easily removable and clean (to maintain its sweeping efficacy).

    1. EVA stainless-steel handlebar.
    2. Easy operation and maintenance, and long life.
    3. Filter with more squares surface.
    4. Electrical filter shaker, clean dust easily.
    5. Turning off vacuum system to clean wet floor.
    6. Steel frame structure, durable goods.
    7. High chassis, low malfunction.
    8. Corner can be clean swept with small turning radius.
    9. High suction and efficiency.
    10. Domestic component, professional services.
    Application: Factories, Warehouses, Parking Lots, Amusement and Recreational areas.
    Type: 36-G
    Power source: Petrol (Honda GX-160)
    Cleaning performance: 4,140m²/hr
    Run-time: 24hrs
    Sweeping width: 920mm
    Sweeping width (without side brush): 700mm
    Main brush: Ø265 × 700mm
    Side brush: Ø570mm
    Battery: 12V/4AH
    Hopper volume: 42L
    Filter area: 6.75m² (2PCs of filter)
    Traction drive: 0 - 4.5km/hr
    Charger: 12V/4A Automatic
    Chassis height: 60mm
    Dimensions: L: 1,160 × W: 770 × H: 970 (mm)
    Weight: 122kg
    Weight (with batteries): 124kg

    * Specifications and details are subject to change without prior notice.