Vacuum Sweeper 36-B(Battery Operated)....


    ※ Just loosen three screws, you can replace the main brush for trouble-shooting. 
    ※ With the side brush, corner's can be swept efficiently.
    ※Light weight and durable hopper easy to be removed for convenient disposal of debris.
    ※The filters can be removed easily, shake down the trapped dusts to ensure the perfect performance.


    1. Pushhandle in stainless-steel and coveredwith E.V.A.

    2. Electric shaker.
    3. Filter with more square surface.
    4. Motorcover safety-switch.
    5. High-power Fellow YC DC-Motor.
    6. Single-screw mainbrush adjustment.
    7. Chassis height 6cm.
    ApplicationFactories, Warehouse, Parking Lots, Amusement and Recreational Area。
    Type:36 - B
    Power:Battery Operated
    Area performance:4,140㎡/hr
    Run time:3 hrs
    Sweeping width:920 mm
    Sweeping width(without side brush ) :700 mm
    Main brush:Ø265 * 700 mm
    Side brush:Ø570 mm
    Battery:DC24V(12V/100AH x 2PCs)
    Hopper capacity:42 L
    Filter system:6.75 ㎡ ( 3PCs of filter )
    Traction Drive:0 - 4.5 Km/hr
    Charger:DC24V/10A ,Automatic
    Chassis height:60 mm
    Weight:102 KG
    Weight(with batteries):150 KG